Since the beginning of recorded time as we know it, man has always found a way to capture ones "being" artistically. From Cave Paintings to Egyptian Crypts, The Dutch Masters to Modern Day Photographic Portraiture, creative portraiture needs to stand the test of time. Fine Portraiture is an important investment which should be enjoyed artistically and displayed proudly. These priceless images must last for generations to be shared and enjoyed by you, and an important family keepsake for future generations. My images try to at once reflect the timelessness of the landscape, and the fleeting nature of a particular confluence of light and conditions that render a dramatic and signal moment; a moment in which I try to capture a three dimensional world with all the senses of being there - the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the air - onto a two dimensional plane - a still image - with the hope that the ultimate viewer will experience what I felt.