Week 1 "Leica M4-P"Week 2 "Pelicans"Week 3 "Age and Texture"Week 4 "Jamie Jen"Week 5 "Destiny"Week 6 "Mobile Bay Mudflats"  The mudflat is a stretch of muddy land left uncovered at low tide that brings out the birds for feeding and really changes the appearance of the shoreline.Week 7 "The Great Blue Heron"The Great Blue Heron on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Nikon D50 Sigma 400mm APO 5.6Week 8 "Bon Secour Dock"This image is shot with a Leica M4P with a Nikkor HC 5cm F2 on Fuji 200 print film scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 4Week 13 "Robert Trent Jones Legends at Capital Hill Golf Course"Week 12 "Meet the Neighbors"Bon Secour River at new house.Week 11 "Anhinga Tree"Bon Secour RiverWeek 10 "Dilapidated Twins"Leica M4P Nikkor 5cm HC f2, Kodak 200 Print Film, Nikon Coolscan IVWeek 14 "National Museum of Naval Aviation"Nikon D50Week 19 "Blue Heron"Week 15 "Pelican Before Flight"Week 18 "Kalob Canyon Zion National Park"Week 16 "Easter Morning"Week 17 "Hurricane Affliction"Week 20 "Brown Pelican, Cleared for Takeoff"

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