Week 2 "Heron in Flight"Week 5 "Star Trails and airplanes mix for an interesting show."Week 4 "Star trails around the North Star"Week 1 Blue HeronWeek 3 "Puppy Portrait"Week 6 "Now that is why they call them Puffer Fish"Week 7 "Laurel Falls with fresh snow in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park"Week 8 "Oops I hate it when that happens!"  Just landed at Newark NJ and a commuter had a landing gear malfunction a few moments before.  Heavy cropping and pushed up to 1600 asa so lots of noise.Week 9 "Osprey in the Back Yard"Week 10 "Let's Dance"I had the honor of taking the dance photos for one of the local studiosWeek 11 "Eagle Scout"On his way for his Eagle Board of Review, He passed and now is an Eagle Scout!Week 12 "Magan"Week 13 "Detroit"Week 14 "The Sprint"Week 15 "Lady Cyclists"Week 16 "Natural History Dome"

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